A Helpin' Hand

by velcroBROTHER

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There are two themes in our debut album - firstly, love, the joy of falling and how it can get you through hard times, and secondly, street life and how it is so difficult for kids, particularly in estates to get by.


released February 28, 2011

Album Credits: Would you credit tha'?

"I’m glad I took the time out and listened to the album! Throughout it seeps late 60′s California garage band... If you are looking for modern day comparisons, Beck and Elliot Smith spring to mind... deserves to be picked up somewhere along the way by a label.”
- Mark Thorpe BIYL

"I recommend you head over to the bands Soundcloud site and hear the sound of summer 2011 for yourself!"
- The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Also from Glasgow, I like the sound of these dudes. They’re called velcroBROTHER, and their 11 track debut album A Helpin’ Hand’ is due out the end of February on reverbnation and itunes.”
- Music To Die For

"They are the best band in the world. You will love them!..."
- the drummers mum.....sorry



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Track Name: The Samaritans Called Me Last Night
Walls are getting tighter, he's a fighter, but he's scared of you.
Live it how you want it, when you know you got little to lose.

Yes he's gone. How d' you think we got this one wrong?

Come this way, take a seat, and can we please have your name.
You'll need this form. Please complete. Then we'll meet the following day.

Yes he's gone (fool?) How d'you think we got this one wrong?
Call me tonight....
Track Name: Good Times
What's the point in believing in God?
Why on earth are we here?
When i look at the stars above, I wish that you were near.

Cos it's cold outside since you've been gone.
And somethin' don't feel right. Somethin's missing something's wrong.

Heaven cannot help me. The bible's lacking too.
I'm talking about my friend here. You know now what you do.

I'll make memories last forever.
The truth is i don't have to try.
They'll keep us smiling together.
There never is a last goodbye.

I heard it's cold outside, but I've been thinking of you.
So I feel warm inside.
We'll meet again one day I'm sure.

All those time's together.
The good times that we had.
I know you know we miss you.
For the times we got I'm oh so glad.